Microsegment for Greater Customer Engagement in less than 1 Minute

Microsegments allow us to segment customers into narrowly defined groups that can potentially have a high ROI and impact the business goals that we’re trying to achieve. Today, we’re going to target our readers that really like the articles we publish. They like our posts, they share and comment them, they’re a highly-engaged lot!

How to Drive Revenue with Email using Sniper Precise Segmentation

Free webinar Driving revenue in email marketing requires sniper precision and to do that you need to know how to best make use of the data that you’re armed with. You can then blast your campaigns to the customers that are going to drive your revenues the most. In fact, almost every business needs to get their customers through 5
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How to Run a Targeted Clearance Sale Email Campaign

As a retailer, one of the processes that you go through each season is clearing last season’s stock. You need to sell the remainder of your unsold stock in order to clear way for your new collections. Why not target the customers that have already purchased earlier models of these products?

2 Quick Steps To Reengage Your Customers With Email

The reengagement campaign is an email campaign designed and targeted at customers that haven’t been engaged for a certain period of time. Usually the industry defines an engaged customer as someone who has either opened or clicked an email in the last 6-12 months. However, everyone should really have their own definition of what constitutes an engaged customer as every business is different.

Create the Perfect Email Registration Form and Welcome Email to Segment Your New Subscribers (and Wine Lovers)

Learn how collecting a little more data about your customers during the newsletter signup process can help you better segment them in your welcome email.

How Split Tests might be Doing You More Harm than Good

You just ran a split test on the subject line of your last email and one group clearly performed better than the other, so you run with the better performing subject line with the expectation that you made the right decision. You take a look at the results the next day and to your unpleasant surprise you find out that the rest of the target group performed much worse than the test group! Re-ject! How is that possible you think to yourself? It might be that the result of your split test wasn’t statistically significant.

No Automation Without Segmentation. Email Insider Summit Europe 2015 take-outs.

Email Insider Summit Europe 2015, second ever in this part of the world, is already history. It will be remembered as an insightful event mostly due to concentration of world-class content, presenters and industry influencers. ExpertSender had a pleasure to be its title sponsor for the second year in a row already, which also allowed us to share our know-how

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How to efficiently reactivate buyers and drive sales

Today I would like to show an easy way to create a segment of customers we want to reactivate as buyers. Every e-commerce is facing the same challenge – the customer retention. Unless you are selling Bugatti Veyron cars, you are probably always trying to transform one-time buyers into regular customers, isn’t that right? The easiest way to reactivate customers

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Types of Data Used for Segmentation

In the upcoming weeks ExpertSender will be releasing a new whitepaper covering all aspects of advanced segmentation. In preparation for this, we’re posting this short article about different types of data that can be used for segmenting subscribers. Some marketers are stuck in the past, where segmenting subscribers was much more focused on demographic data, than behavioral. Below are some

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3 Ways to Leverage Customer Data into Better Results

It’s obvious that customer data can be a very valuable insight, but not all data is created equal, and finding the right information about subscribers can be a time consuming process. Pouring over every detail of a subscriber’s information may not bring the best results to a campaign unless the right pieces are put in place. Personalization and tailoring campaigns

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