The best email marketing articles from this week. Round-up #1

Welcome to ExpertSender weekly roundup. This time: deliverability challenges, future of email marketing on tape, AOL joins Return Path Certification Program. If you come across anything interesting this week be sure to leave your suggestions in the comments for a chance to be in next roundup. Enjoy, and have a great weekend! Email Marketing: What are some of the biggest deliverability

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eCommerce and Marketing Calendar for March

March is Coming! Prepare your marketing plan for events and campaigns with a little help of our calendar. Every event date which fits to your business should be used to communicate to an audience.

4 Ways to Make Your Emails Stand Out During the Holidays

With Cyber Monday, and Black Friday just around the corner, brands are looking for ways to stand out on the two biggest volume days of the year. Last year, Black Friday surpassed Cyber Monday with the highest email opens of the year. But with both days every increasing in importance, and more and more brands participating, it’s never been more

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Triggers vs Newsletters (Infographic)

There are many paths you can take when forming your email marketing strategy. Some email marketers focus only on content, others put focus on delivery or timing. Our infographic presents key success factors of triggered messages. It’s a good starting point en route to advanced email marketing program.

Prevent Mistakes and Improve Performance with Your Email Checklist

We’ve all made a mistake when emailing our subscribers. Whether it’s a simple typo, or a broken image, it’s hard to keep track of the sheer number of different things to check before clicking the send button. Creating a checklist of important steps and what you mean to accomplish with your message can help you send error free emails, and

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How Message Throttling Can Improve Deliverability

The ability to throttle message delivery can often be an overlooked concept due to all the other elements of deliverability. Simply adjusting the time that your message is sent over can have a huge impact, particularly when mailing to certain domains and domain families that may be blocking a portion of your messages. Throttling can also serve to manage responses

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4 Tips to Add Life to Your Email Marketing Campaign

Have your email marketing campaigns lost steam? Are you seeing a downward trend in subscriber engagement? If so, you need to inject new life into your email program, and quickly! It’s a natural symptom of any campaign to lose momentum, which is why marketers must work proactively to constantly improve, refine, and add innovation to their email messages. Adding new

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4 Email Marketing Trends from 2013 that will Continue in 2014

The last year has brought many changes to the email marketing landscape, with several large mail providers overhauling their look and features, more marketers willing to send daring designs, mobile devices accounting for more than half of all opens, and more messages being sent than ever before. When looking ahead to 2014, it’s great to review the trends and stories

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Beyond Open Rates: 9 Other Statistics You Need to Consider

Every marketer should know by now that open and click rates are not the be-all and end-all of email. Not only are open and click rates a shallow look at a campaign, but often times they can be a deceiving look at how many subscribers are actually being engaged since multiple opens or clicks from the same subscriber can skew

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Learning from Loss: Using Unsubscribe Data

Generally speaking, subscribers are leaving a mailing list for the same reasons that they might opt-out of other marketing channels – the content isn’t relevant, they only signed up for one specific item, or they’re simply swamped with too many messages. All of these answers are top reasons when looking at unsubscribe survey data, and will likely stay that way.

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