ExpertSender and VTEX powering your customer’s eCommerce journey

Increase customer retention, drive sales with a customer-centric strategy across the customer journey.  Our integration with VTEX’s cloud commerce platform allows eCommerce vendors to connect their store with ExpertSender’s Multichannel Messaging Hub. Customer order data can be automatically synchronized with ExpertSender allowing vendors to send timely and relevant messages across the email, SMS, web push, and mobile push channels.    Stores running on VTEX can leverage ExpertSender to create dynamic segments, personalize messages, send behavior-based messages, automate retention marketing, and most importantly drive sales!   Combine the power of VTEX’s and ExpertSender’s enterprise-level eCommerce and multichannel messaging platforms

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Complete transactions without leaving your inbox – how cool is that?

Before your customers purchase a product you advertised through the email channel, they usually need to go through several steps. They have to leave their email client, proceed to your online store, add their chosen products to their shopping cart and make a payment… how many clicks is that? Well, in many cases it might just be too many. What

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Don’t make the mistake of not using your historical transactional data

So, you’re a retailer, running either a click or mortar business, or maybe both, and you’ve been in business for a number of years. This will no doubt mean that you have a significant amount of transactional data about your customers.

Online and Offline, working in tandem to tighten your email marketing game

You’ve got a whole bunch of data about your customers, you know which emails they’ve read, the products they’ve browsed on your website, which products they’ve purchased, you even know which physical stores they visited, but how can you leverage the power of this data in your marketing game?

Increase your Average Order Value by 20% with email

One-time into all-time in no-time. Problem: your costs are growing and your margin’s narrowing? Your business is experiencing smaller margins and your cost of acquiring customers is growing. What can you do to make your customers more profitable? It’s 6-7 times more expensive to find a new customer than to keep an existing one – Bain & Company So, what

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When emails behave like websites

Prediction: Let’s take a step into the future when users will be able to complete eCommerce transactions via the email channel. Signs are that some of the biggest players are already planning to do just that. In December 2015, Apple filed a patent that indicates they are not only looking at allowing people to send money over their text messaging
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Storytelling in emails can create a customer experience that resonates with your customers

It’s human nature to want to listen to captivating stories. They’re an effective way of engaging and grabbing your audience’s attention. By leveraging storytelling in your emails, you can create a customer experience that’ll keep them loyal. Stories not only move people, they can also help you move your product or service. In probably the most known story in history,

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8 Email Marketing Trends for 2019

Jump on board and get ready for the ride. Here’s a look into the future. 8 Email Marketing trends that’ll help you boost your sales in 2019. Some of these email marketing trends include: Storytelling in emails will drive engagement, Email will be the key to your customer’s journey Email retargeting will help you recover lost sales and a whole

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Generate a 16x marketing ROI with abandoned shopping cart recovery & product recommendations emails

Boosting eCommerce sales with email  75% of visitors abandon their cart with the intention of returning. That could be a lot of lost sales if you don’t give them a reminder to come back and complete their purchase. What’s more, product recommendations could be making up 35% of your revenue!   By combining abandoned shopping cart and product recommendation modules in
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How to recover more customers with price drop notification emails

The price is right You’ve got customers that visit your website, browse various products and the majority never return. What if they left because they weren’t happy with the price of your product? What if you could let them know about a better price to entice them back into the purchasing funnel? According to MarketingSherpa, half of the conversion rates
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