10 Email Marketing Trends for 2018

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Email Marketing Trends 2018

Email is a critical cog in your multichannel marketing arsenal. Today, you’ll learn about 10 Email Marketing Trends that’ll give you some ideas on how you might get even more out of your future marketing efforts. 

Some of these Email marketing trends include:

  • automation of email production will become the norm,
  • AI will write some of your content for you,
  • we’ll see the use of gamification grow,
  • and a whole lot more…

We’re of the opinion that events based on a customer’s behavior are going to be triggered a great deal more. Trigger based marketing campaigns can generate 4x more revenue and 18x greater profits according to Forrester Research and we expect marketers to leverage their power for events such as abandoned orders, product views, lower price notifications and an array of others.

Triggers allow marketers to send communications that reengage users, help you restore them back into your sales funnel and in 2018 we’ll see their effective use grow significantly.

If you’d like to read about 9 of the other trends we covered, then I encourage you to download our Email Marketing Trendbook for 2018 here.