4 Must-Read Email Marketing Stories From Last Week (August 22-29)

Enjoy the read!

1. How Personalization Can Help You Close Leads And Win Customers

10 minute read via Kissmetrics

75% of customers say that they like when brands personalize the shopping experience for them. See how your business can make use of three types of personalization; Product-Specific, User-Focused and Real-Time. Read more…


2. UNSEND! I Just Sent The Wrong Email to 4,000,000 People!

4 minute read via ExpertSender

Occasionally you might find yourself in an uncomfortable predicament where you sent the wrong email and you need to prepare yourself for the aftermath. However, maybe there’s something you can still do to save face? Read more…


3. How to Write Email Content for Short Attention Spans

3 minute read via Movable Ink

The attention span of a human being is now about eight seconds – down from 12 seconds in 2000. Here are some simple strategies that’ll help you keep your customers from scrolling past your message or deleting it. Read more…


4. 7 Steps For Re-engaging Your Email Subscribers

2 minute read via Marketing Land

How can you re-engage people who no longer respond to your emails? Columnist Sol Orwell shares strategies to get your dormant subscribers back on board. Read more…

Written by Aleksander Heba
Brand Manager at ExpertSender, Marketing Fanatic, Trend Spotter, Windsurfing Addicted.