Statistical significance in Email Marketing, an interview with Marcin Luks, our Marketing Director

Today, Adam Ambrożewicz took the time to speak to Marcin Luks, ExpertSender’s Marketing Director about statistical significance and the future of mathematics in the Email Marketing industry.

How Split Tests might be Doing You More Harm than Good

You just ran a split test on the subject line of your last email and one group clearly performed better than the other, so you run with the better performing subject line with the expectation that you made the right decision. You take a look at the results the next day and to your unpleasant surprise you find out that the rest of the target group performed much worse than the test group! Re-ject! How is that possible you think to yourself? It might be that the result of your split test wasn’t statistically significant.

How to get your customer to make repeat purchases

Consider the situation where your customer purchases an item or service that only lasts a certain amount of time (a subscription to a website, a membership to a local gym, a domain renewal or maybe some dogfood for man’s best friend). That customer should return to make repeat purchases from you but often they don’t, why is that? It’s common business knowledge that it’s easier to do repeat business with an existing customer than to win a new one over.

How to recover your customer’s abandoned cart

So you’ve done almost everything you can to optimize your website to ensure that a customer can find the product they’re looking for, add it to their shopping cart and make the purchase (no forced registration, no unexpected shipping costs, easy checkout process, safe & secure), Great! Well almost.

Increase Engagement with New Features Optimizing Send Times

Finding the best time to send your email can be a difficult task. Even with advanced reporting that can show you when your subscribers are most likely to be active, there’s still the matter of finding this evidence, and putting it into action. ExpertSender has recently introduced two new features that will help to automatically find the best times for

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