The Body Shop and How We’ve Built a Simple Recommendations Engine Within ExpertSender

We all know that recommendation services are convenient and effective. They show which products are viewed and bought on your website, analyze this data and provide an easy-to-use list of products which are relevant to your subscribers.

Website visitors not converting? Recover lost customers with anonymous email retargeting

Retarget to recover Up to 95% of website visitors are anonymous and once they’ve left your website there’s no way for you to send them a message. Email retargeting allows you to send behavioral based emails to visitors you don’t have in your subscriber database. More importantly, the most valuable ones – those at the end of your sales funnel! Problem:

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Is Inbox by Google going to change email marketing?

Since the release of Inbox, a new email app by Google, it’s been in the center of email industry attention. There were questions raised whether or not, this new app is going to impose changes on how email marketers craft and deliver their email communication. This uncertainty was also caused by the limited access, as not everyone could begin their

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