Why is UX so important in Email Marketing? 4 Extraordinary Email Experiences

Have you ever had the experience of purchasing something online that you’ve been totally excited about for the longest time, completed the order, then had a totally underwhelming email experience? This part of your experience didn’t meet your expectations and your experience with any brand should be consistently awesome across the board – just as Jimi (Hendrix) would have it.

5 Black Friday emails

Here’s a quick recap of 5 different email campaigns from Black Friday from the fashion and sports accessories industries. Shapes, squares, blocks and (as you probably already guessed) the colour black prevail, but with some noticeable exceptions. Take from them what you will for your next series of holiday campaigns.

Create the Perfect Email Registration Form and Welcome Email to Segment Your New Subscribers (and Wine Lovers)

Learn how collecting a little more data about your customers during the newsletter signup process can help you better segment them in your welcome email.

More Marketing Innovation from Gmail with Grid View

Last year, Gmail Tabs had a significant impact on how marketers targeted their Gmail subscribers. This year, it appears that another new change, grid view will further change how Gmail is approached. Grid view is a new look, currently still in “field trial,” which presents ads (grid view is only in the promotional tab) in a new, more visual way.

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How to Get the Most Out of Email Testing

Recently at ExpertSender, we rolled out a new email testing feature. You can preview your creative in 30 different email clients and mobile devices, run a spam content check, and also preview your subject line in a variety of different environments. The benefits of this are obvious; all of your testing is conveniently located in one place, and the automation

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New Twist on Old Tech: Animated GIFs in Email

One of the simple joys of the Net, the GIF has existed since 1987 and has been a part of the Internet ever since. Despite limitations such as being limited to 256 colors, the GIF is still one of the simplest ways to utilize animation for your website or email. Animation is certainly eye-catching, and also adds interactivity to an

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Optimize your Marketing Content for Mobile, or Get Left Behind

Although email marketing has long been a pillar of digital marketing strategy, it’s primarily been focused on one medium – the personal computer. However, with the advent of smartphones, tablets, and mobile data, marketers must expand their target. Mobile opens are increasing at an unprecedented rate, more than doubling in only a year and a half. To provide a sense

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Learn a New, Clever Way to Boost Engagment from PizzaExpress

No one can count the number of times he or she has opened an email and started reading, only to be baffled by a lot of white space, and no immediately visible content. More than half of major email clients block images by default. Only after “enable images” is clicked does the email begin to make sense. Now when one

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