How to boost Email Engagement by 37% with reader preferences

Personalized content in emails often produces a better ROI, customer engagement and satisfaction. However, is providing content that's only in-line with customer expectations always best for the company’s bottom line? One of our customers, the eCommerce book retailer LoveReading automated the personalization of their newsletter with both reader preferences and business priorities. This resulted in a boost to their customer's
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How to recover unengaged customers with automated
re-engagement emails

Up to 47% of inactive customers read re-engagement emails. A well-designed re-engagement campaign will help you recover them. Opportunity – improve your chances of re-engaging inactive customers About 25% of the customers on your email list will become unengaged each year. We can send them well-designed re-engagement emails to get them back onboard, but we can also go a step
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Welcome emails generate 33% more engagement

Welcome emails are one of the most effective types of email messages and can generate 4x more opens and 5x more clicks than regular email marketing campaigns. A well designed welcome series can build a long-lasting customer relationship and increase sales and Customer Lifetime Value. Opportunity – automated incentives via email Once a customer has signed up with you via
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How email recommendations can improve conversion rates by 111%

Recommendations revving up your revenue Recommendation services can be the engine that allows marketers to dramatically increase their revenue. They analyze customer behavior and generate product or service recommendations that have a greater likelihood of converting.   Opportunity According to Certona, less than 40% of retailers make use of recommendations in their emails. When you consider that they have conversion

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3 irresistible strategies to get more newsletter subscriptions

Why is it so difficult for so many marketers to get more newsletter subscriptions? In our opinion, marketers struggle to get more newsletter subscriptions for 2 main reasons:   it is difficult to get meaningful engagement from content that isn’t that engaging creating engaging content or strategy often requires a lot of work, creativity, and resources   The good news

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15 statistics that show why email marketing is important

Is email marketing dying? We don’t think so. Seeing constant user base growth, we expect email marketing to not only remain important, but also to thrive. We collected and categorized some email marketing statistics proving just that so that you can make informed decisions when planning this year’s marketing strategy.   Potential reach is growing Approximately half the world’s population

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How much does email marketing cost?

How much does email marketing cost? If you have ever wondered how much each click or lead can cost in an average email marketing campaign, the answer will always be the same – it depends. There are many factors that contribute to the final cost. You shouldn’t however, consider email marketing as a cost but as an investment. As with

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10 best practices to improve your email marketing

As email marketers, we often ask ourselves the question “how can we improve our marketing campaigns?” What are some of the ways in which we can increase customer engagement and what strategies should we employ to improve campaign performance? We want to know all the best practices, that’s why we believe, that to assure the great results in email marketing,

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7 ways to boost sales using email marketing

  Factbook: Industry expects 4.1 billion active email users in 2021 2017 average monthly open rate was at 21.8% 2017 average monthly click-through rate was at 62% email marketing ROI at 4300%, a return of $43 per dollar invested 2% more revenue each quarter by reactivating 7% of inactive users If you are looking to boost sales in the upcoming

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Microsegment for Greater Customer Engagement in less than 1 Minute

Microsegments allow us to segment customers into narrowly defined groups that can potentially have a high ROI and impact the business goals that we’re trying to achieve. Today, we’re going to target our readers that really like the articles we publish. They like our posts, they share and comment them, they’re a highly-engaged lot!