5 Black Friday emails

Here’s a quick recap of 5 different email campaigns from Black Friday from the fashion and sports accessories industries. Shapes, squares, blocks and (as you probably already guessed) the colour black prevail, but with some noticeable exceptions. Take from them what you will for your next series of holiday campaigns.

8 Email Marketing Trends for 2017

The 8 trends we expect to emerge are as follows; we’ll have more context-driven communication, chatbots will complement emails, eye-tracking will be used to test email creatives, emails will have more of a conversational tone, predictive lead scoring will be more widely adopted, email content will get even shorter, machines will match subscribers with content and cross-channel data will be leveraged even further.

4 Must-Read Email Marketing Stories From Last Week (August 22-29)

The attention span of a human being is now about eight seconds – down from 12 seconds in 2000. Here are some simple strategies that’ll help you keep your customers from scrolling past your message or deleting it.

UNSEND! I just sent the wrong email to 4,000,000 people!

One of our customers once had an unfortunate situation where someone mistakenly sent out a test message to all of the subscribers in their database…

Inbox placement. We talk email deliverability with Michal Kidon, our Senior Account Manager

Today, Adam Ambrożewicz takes the time to talk to Michał Kidoń, an email deliverability expert at ExpertSender about email deliverability and customer support.

How to Run a Targeted Clearance Sale Email Campaign

As a retailer, one of the processes that you go through each season is clearing last season’s stock. You need to sell the remainder of your unsold stock in order to clear way for your new collections. Why not target the customers that have already purchased earlier models of these products?

2 Quick Steps To Reengage Your Customers With Email

The reengagement campaign is an email campaign designed and targeted at customers that haven’t been engaged for a certain period of time. Usually the industry defines an engaged customer as someone who has either opened or clicked an email in the last 6-12 months. However, everyone should really have their own definition of what constitutes an engaged customer as every business is different.

Create the Perfect Email Registration Form and Welcome Email to Segment Your New Subscribers (and Wine Lovers)

Learn how collecting a little more data about your customers during the newsletter signup process can help you better segment them in your welcome email.

From Russia with Love: Email Marketing around the world, an interview with Eleonora Nikiforova

Today, Adam Ambrożewicz had the pleasure of talking to Eleonora Nikiforova, our General Manager for ExpertSender, Russia about the peculiarities and similarities of the Russian email marketing market.

Statistical significance in Email Marketing, an interview with Marcin Luks, our Marketing Director

Today, Adam Ambrożewicz took the time to speak to Marcin Luks, ExpertSender’s Marketing Director about statistical significance and the future of mathematics in the Email Marketing industry.